Backyard Summer Fun

No carnivals or festivals this year? Simulate the face painting part with Graftobian's soap-based, kid friendly Disguise Stix paints. It didn't take a lot of tools to create this flower child. Choose your Disguise Stix colors, a brush, and a cup with water, and you're ready to go!

Flowers Made Easy
  • Using a round brush loaded with paint, try contrasting a color on just the tip of the brush.
  • Practice simple two color flower petals with just one dab of the brush.

Step by step

  • Use blue and white to paint the eyes. Load two colors on the brush at once for a blended effect.
  • Create blue and white flowers as described above.
  • Disperse pink flowers around the blue flowers.
  • Paint green leaves around the flowers. Add yellow details tot he leaves with white and black accents to finish.

Colors Used

Neptune Blue, Clown White, Midnight Black, Fuchsia Fun, Irish Green, and Sunshine Yellow.

Two Minutes or Less For Squirmy Toddlers

A pack of 8 stencil sheets for quick stamp and go creations.