1. Student Cosmetizing Kit

Student Cosmetizing Kit

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The Student Cosmetizing Kit is offered at a substantial discount. The total value of the components is $231.50, but we're offering a special price of $165.

This multi-cultural student kit offers a wide array of products and shades while providing economy for the student. Included are creme foundations, neutralizers, lip colors and cheek rouge. In addition, we have included adhesives, wax, sealer, powder, puff, sponges, brushes, pencils, crepe hair, and a stainless steel spatula and mixing palette so that students can practice proper color mixing, matching and neutralizing techniques.

Graftobian Makeup is extremely versatile and is used both as a daily makeup for personal use, as well as professionally, including High Definition applications for Television, Film, and Theater.  Professionals have told us that both our High Definition and Theatrical creme foundations are also ideal for use in cosmetizing and restorative makeup applications. We have responded by creating these all-in-one cosmetizing kits. Click Here to Download the 2020 Graftobian Cosmetizing Catalog

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