Through the decades, Santa Claus has been portrayed in many ways in classic movies, TV, and books. But his image remains the same: he’s a jolly old elf with a full white beard, gold spectacles, and a red robe. Makeup by Crystal of @ExpressYourselfCrystal made an incredible transformation into a traditional, victorian Santa Claus!

1) Crystal began with clean, dry skin
2) She used Graftobian’s crepe wool in white. Begin by working fingers through the crepe wool and then cutting the desired length. A little goes a long way! Apply with Spirit Gum.
3) Using a combination of the alcohol palette in Character and the Theatrical Creme Wheel in Old Age, Crystal was able to add a layer of depth and age to her features. 
4) She created her spectacles by mixing two parts Cosmetic Powdered Metal in Gold with one part Magic Set Mixing Medium and applied with a fine tipped brush. 
5) Next she painted on Santa’s red robe using ProPaint™ and outlined it with the Gold Cosmetic Powdered Metal.
6) She added shade and depth to the painted on clothes with the eyeshadow palette in Smoke

The finished look!

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