With all the different types of airbrush makeup out there, it’s tough to know which to use. Graftobian produces two different types of airbrush makeup, GlamAire™ and F/X Aire™.

We get asked all the time, “So, which is better?” The answer depends on the type of usage. Let’s take a look at both types.

F/X Aire™

GlamAire™ is the quintessential beauty airbrush makeup. The water-based formula works on all skin types and is even gentle enough for the most sensitive of skin.

All 58 true-to-life skin shades and six blush shades are divided into warm, cool and neutral undertones for easy matching. The colors blend with ease to create any needed intermediate colors. Each GlamAire™ shade has a matching Glamour Creme™ foundation shade with the exact same name. This unique feature lets a makeup artist move quickly between mediums. Finally, when it comes to being in front of the camera, GlamAire™ performs flawlessly. Even under the scrutiny of an Ultra HD camera, this ultra-lightweight formula appears as nothing but natural skin.

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With a color range well beyond skin tones, F/X Aire™ can handle virtually any application. This airbrush makeup is the best friend of body painters, cosplayers, haunters or any makeup artist that specializes in character creation.

The bright, beautiful colors cover in very light coats and the near-instant drying time allows for building easy color depth and opacity. Better yet, the microfine, triple-milled pigments won’t clog airbrush guns.

Best of all, the water/alcohol formula lets your artwork last all day, no matter what gets thrown at it. This includes large amounts of sweat, hot lights, rain storms, or practically anything else you can think of.

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GlamAire™ Airbrush Beauty Makeup 12-pc Set

Do you need beauty or bold color? When it comes to bright, rainbow colors, everyone needs F/X Aire.™ However, when it comes to skin tones different situations call for different products. In general, we recommend GlamAire™ for most skin tone applications.

The gentleness of the formula makes it the best choice for all skin types, including sensitive skin. The sheer number of available shades, each with a matching creme, ensures a good color match on the greatest number of people. Also, with true-to-life colors and undertones, GlamAire™ gives the most natural look. Even though it is a water-based makeup, GlamAire™ is durable enough to stand up to a mother-of-the-bride’s tears and most everyday, real world applications, even without an added setting or barrier spray.

F/X Aire™ Airbrush Makeup - Color Sets

However, when you need skin tone airbrush makeup that will take more than its share of abuse, that is where F/X Aire™ wins the day. This includes anytime an airbrush makeup will be subjected to large quantities of water, costumes that constantly rub the skin, dirt, hot theater lighting, or other extreme conditions. F/X Aire™ will hold up to through a day of these rigorous conditions and more. At the end of the day, bar soap, and a washcloth will take it off smoothly.

Additionally, F/X Aire™ works best with theater lighting, especially that of older theaters, at least for the time being. Older theaters tend to have yellowish lighting and many of the F/X Aire™ skin tone shades have a built-in color correction for this. However, outdoor theaters and any theater that updates their equipment to more true-to-life lighting, will get better results with GlamAire™. Until then, it is important for anyone doing airbrush makeup in the theater industry to understand their lighting conditions so they can choose the proper makeup.

Well, there you have it. Graftobian truly has an airbrush makeup for every situation. Whichever one you need, you are assured of one simple thing. You are getting a made in the USA product of the highest quality and made with only the finest ingredients. From the bridal and beauty artist to the body painter and haunter, from Hollywood to Broadway, Graftobian GlamAire™ and F/X Aire™ serve them all and then some.