Hints From a Pro: Many times when working on an actor, you might notice that a discoloration on their face will be a combination of colors. If this is the case, you can mix between the colors in the wheels. For example, if an actor has a gray blue under eye discoloration, I’ll use a mix of pink and orange to counteract the problem. If the problem is a small, minor one, I’ll dab a brush in each of the colors I need on the wheel and mix the correction right on the actors skin, as opposed to mixing it on a palette before hand. –Brad Look


#88888 Light Corrector Wheel Includes:

Pink Hi-Lite: Counteracts gray or brown.

Extra Hi-Lite: A lighter highlighter.

Yellow Hi-Lite: Cancels deep red & purple.

Muted Green: Removes redness.

Orange Neutral: Neutralizes blue.

Soft Orange Neutral: Softer blue neutralizer.


#88889 Dark Corrector Wheel Includes:

Burnt Orange: Neutralizes blue.

Red Neutralizer: Removes redness.

Deep Red Neutralizer: Removes redness

Soft Orange Neutral II: Blue Neutralizer.

Suntan Red: Counteracts gray.

Deep Muted Green: Removes redness


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