About Graftobian

Graftobian Makeup Company is a family run, United States, manufacturing business based in Madison, WI.  We have one goal: Make THE best make-up and sell at a fair price. With distribution worldwide, Graftobian is all the makeup you will ever need!

Graftobian Make-Up Co. established in 1978, is a manufacturer and distributor of virtually every type of make-up. DISGUISE STIX® Face Painting Make-Up, Color and Glitter Hairsprays and Gels, Graftobian Theatrical® Make-Up and accessories for stage, TV, film, special effects, etc. and most recently Graftobian HD Glamour Make-Up, the best Hi-Def Make-up for TV, Film and Print Media Beauty and Fashion work.

Graftobian takes pride in the fact that we manufacture our products here in the United States.  In these times of uncertainty regarding certain foreign products and their ingredients, you can rest assured that Graftobian Makeup Company produces Safe, Professional cosmetics which comply with the U.S. FDA regulations for ingredients and labeling.  The FDA works tirelessly to test and categorize various cosmetic ingredients as safe.  When the FDA rules that an ingredient is to be “delisted” that is the law as far as Graftobian is concerned.  Our product ingredients are top quality, cosmetic grade, FDA approved ingredients – ONLY!  Our cosmetics do not contain Lead, are fragrance free and formaldehyde free!  Our cosmetics are not tested on animals, other than humans of course. 😉

This website acts as our retail outlet.  For those who are unable to find a local retail source, you may browse our site and place orders, minimum order $19.99, for any of our products using our secure credit card server.  

-Eric G. Coffman, President, Graftobian Makeup Co., 510 Tasman Street, Madison, WI 53714 
 Ph: 608-222-7849, Fax: 608-222-7893.

P.S.  Professional makeup artists often ask if we offer professional discounts.  Our response has always been that we do not wish to compete with our dealers by undercutting their prices.  However, we have recently instituted a policy that helps both professional makeup artists and Graftobian Makeup Company.   Send us a copy of work you have done for a magazine cover for which Graftobian Makeup Co. is credited for makeup used and receive $200 worth of Graftobian Makeup of your choice.  This offer is good for any magazine with a publication circulation of more than 20,000 copies per issue. (typically any widely distributed magazine)  Please send both the cover page and the inside page which ran the Graftobian mention.  We will pay an additional $50 in product if they mention both the company name AND our website.  Spelling must be accurate: Graftobian Makeup Company, www.Graftobian.com