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These little single-shot packs are filled with ZombieGutz™ for easy transport and inexpensive distribution among your zombie friends.
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Zombies are all the rage today, and our ZombieGutz™ colors of Belched Black (#89591), Gack Green (#89592) and Putrid Pus (#89593) offer the Zombie making artist all the colors needed to mix and match for ghastly effects.  This glycerine based product drips slowly and never dries, allowing a wet looking effect for literally days and days.  Our ZombieGutz™ are also used in mass casualty simulation to depict burns, decay and gangrenous effects.  Currently available in 4cc pillow packs either separately or in mixed 144 count bins we call a Bucket O' ZombieGutz. 

These ZombieGutz™ are the same type of formulation we use for our Blood Gel product, so you may add that fourth color when mixing to create your ghoulish looks.

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