Zombies continue to be just as hot now, if not more than they were ten years ago. Thanks to the continuing popular show The Walking Dead and zombie enthusiasts, the undead continue to thrive as Halloween go-ers, in pop culture and in realistic zombie settings like iCombat.

iCombat is a heart-pounding, life-like laser tag adventure for adults. Zombies and their hunters face off in a combat arena with tactical laser tag weapons representing guns.  iCombat uses Graftobian's makeup on its zombies to create the most realistic and best experience possible for these zombie enthusiasts. Makeup that was used is listed below and linked at the bottom.

Makeup used: Graftobian's Deluxe Zombie Kit, Rubber Mask Grease, Spirit Gum, F/X Aire™ Airbrush, Liquid Latex, and Woochie Latex pieces.

Location: iCombat Madison
Photography: Robert Chantigian