Wedding Day, starring you

There is a lot of information out there on bridal makeup: the lists of do's and don'ts and the best makeup to use for the special occasion. We're keeping it short and sweet by giving you the most important tips. Whether you're the makeup artist or the bride, you'll find an easy go-to guide to skin prep below.

1) First things first: skin prep
Any professional makeup artist knows that recently cleansed skin is key to a flawless look. Once clean, follow with Oxyderm Moisturizer. This intense formula, which contains ingredients like hyaluronic acid, infuses the skin with a moisture complex that mimics youthful and healthy-looking skin and improves the appearance of overall radiance.

Primer is a must for most skin types. Anti-Shine HD Foundation Primer is perfect for normal to very oily skin. This foundation primer prepares the skin with a light barrier that prevents oils from degrading your makeup.

2) Lights, camera, correction!
Let's face it--everyone there will have a camera and the last thing you want to see later in the photos are the under eye circles, the discoloration, or acne scars. Give your best features the spotlight by correcting and concealing other areas of the face. The HD Creme Global Corrector Super Palette is a must for any makeup artist. By using opposite color theory, these shades are perfect for adjusting the intensity of virtually any color.

Graftobian offers each of the corrector shades as individuals as well as in palettes.

Keep complementary color theory in mind when doing corrective work. Colors directly opposite each other in the color spectrum, such as red and green or blue and orange, when combined with the right proportions, will effectively cancel each other out.