Wedding Day, Starring you Part 3

Corrective work has been done, foundation is on, and the skin is looking flawless. The bride is looking like the best version of herself. Keep this in mind when applying blush, lip color, and filling in the brows. Whether you're the makeup artist or the bride, you'll find an easy go to guide to finishing touches below.

Keep it matte

When in doubt, keep it matte. This includes blush and bronzers. The bride will have an inner glow that will illuminate the room, so she won't need additional sparkle.
Press a small amount of color from the HD Creme Blush Palette into the cheeks. Finish with powder blush. Like the HD Cremes, the blush is formulated into warm, cool, and neutral undertones. Powder Blush palettes are also available in cool and warm.

If you're in need of a sun-kissed glow, apply an HD Matte Bronzer around the temples, top of the cheeks, and the bridge of the nose. Graftobian's HD Bronzers are oil-free, keyed in true skin undertones of warm, neutral, and cool so they blend naturally and smoothly without looking too orange.

Compacts are great for personal use, while the palettes are amazing for artists.

Fill in the brows with an HD Brow Powder that is one shade lighter than the brow. Follow underneath the arch of the brow with an angled brush, paying special attention to the tail. Line up the tail with the outer corner of the eye. The brows frame the face, so do not skip this crucial step.

Wear a long-lasting lipstick

Find a lipstick that is guaranteed to stay on your lips, not your guests. Graftobian's super-pigmented lipstick is formulated to glide on easily and outlast the day.

If you're unsure of which color to choose, remember that natural is key; matching the color of your gums is a great rule of thumb for lip color.

Press a small amount of LuxeCashmere™ Setting Powder onto the top of lipstick for added insurance.

Set the makeup

For a kissable, touchable complexion, finish with a matte setting powder. LuxeCashmere™ is a gorgeous, super smooth and finely-milled loose powder made for those finishing touches. Shown is Chocolate Mousse, for darker complexions.

LuxeCashmere™ will quickly become a kit staple. Keep it on hand for quick touch-ups.

Freshen up your nails

Let's face it: you may not have time to do a manicure. With all the preparations the day before and on the day of the wedding, nails, may be at the bottom of your left, but clean hands and recently trimmed nails are a must. Pick a neutral color like Graftobians' ProColour™ in Sweet Cream, Pebble, or Rosewood. Many swear by this long-wearing, vegan, and 5-free nail polish. Color is guaranteed to stay on for seven days without chipping, especially with Shine Top Coat.