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Video/DVD - Airbrush Instruction

Video/DVD - Airbrush Instruction

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Zazzo Stencils w/Mini DVD - Beauty Ensemble [+$59.95]

Airbrush Face & Body Art DVD: “Airbrush Face and Body Art for Fantasy, Horror and Beauty,” features Nicki Wilson, our resident airbrush specialist, showing you how to airbrush using Graftobian products as easily as 1-2-3. Learn how to create simple and complex designs using stencils, common fabrics and freehand techniques. Also fully demonstrated is the proper cleaning and care of your airbrush equipment. Nicki says, “If you want to learn how to make money AND have fun airbrushing with Graftobian Airbrush Makeup, this video is a must.” DVD running time: 2 hours, 22 minutes.

The Zazzo Series of Airbrush DVD's offers three separate items. Featuring Emmy Award-Winning “Star Trek Enterprise” makeup artist Brad Look, this series of DVD's explores and details the use of Graftobian F/X Aire(tm) AND the use of our GlamAire(tm). That's right, Brad shows both Fantasy/Special Effects and Beauty work as he teaches the basics of HD airbrush work.

Zazzo High Definition Airbrush DVD w/Brad Look shows both beauty and F/X work and highlights the use of the Zazzo stencil sets ideal for each use. DVD running time: 1 hour, 10 minutes.

Zazzo Beauty Ensemble w/DVD is a set of four stencils designed to augment and enhance your beauty work using Graftobian's water-based GlamAire(tm) HD beauty airbrush makeup. Included with this set of stencils is a mini DVD focusing solely on the stencil use involved with this package. DVD running time: 20 minutes.

Zazzo Character Troupe w/DVD is a set of six Character Troupe Stencils used to bring out the alien and/or reptile in anyone. You will be able to create various skin textures and otherworldly looks easily by using these stencils in conjunction with our alcohol-based F/X Aire(tm) airbrush makeup as shown in the included mini DVD. DVD running time: 20 minutes.

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