Although many of our clients at Graftobian are professional makeup artists and special effects artists, we also sell to the general public. Our ProPaint Face and Body Paint collection is perfect for anyone who is interested in makeup for the theater, for special events, or for amazing Halloween costumes.

We also sell the paints in individual colors, which is often ideal for a specific costume or a one-time event. However, for those who will use the ProPaint Face and Body Paint more often, we recommend one of our kits or boxes.

The Boxes

Our boxes include a preset group of colors that can be used to create any unique look and are of professional quality. All of our vibrant paints come in rich, eye-catching colors and provide full coverage. The paints can be either used in their original colors or fully blended to create subtle shades and tones. Each of our boxes contains different shades and options.

Box #1: This box contains standard colors such as red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, black, and white. The box also includes colors that are not as traditional: pink, teal, brown, and gray.

Box #2: This box includes specialty colors like Crimson Red, Radioactive Green, and Eggplant to create an exotic look. It also contains a variety of metallic paints such as Pearl Frost and Clockwork Copper, which are perfect for adding a touch of shimmer.

Using the Paint

Before using our ProPaint Face and Body Paint, make sure to wash your face and/or any areas of the body that you wish to paint, ensuring that any makeup or skin care products are completely removed. Then, dry your skin completely and apply a light skin conditioner (if desired).

The paints have a double-glycerin-based formula and therefore are very thick and vivid. To apply, simply mix with a slight amount of water on a brush and gently coat the paint mixture onto the skin. The paints will blend perfectly together to provide nearly any depth of color. Keep in mind that adding limited water will generate the most vivid color, while adding more water will produce a more diffuse color.

It is important to allow the paint to dry completely. It is not advisable to touch any painted areas until they are fully dry. However, once dry, the paint will last the entire day without smudging or smearing.