At Graftobian Make-Up Company we offer a top selection of HD crème palettes for both makeup professionals and for individual use. The palettes are carefully designed to create multiple color profiles that compliment any skin tone.

To simplify the process, we categorize our crème palettes into three different color groups: warm, neutral, and cool. It’s recommended that professionals have all three on hand, while our individual customers should simply choose the palette that best suits their skin tone.

Determining Skin Tone

Because every individual is unique, some people have a hard time determining their skin tone. Finding your true tone is very important in the world of makeup because choosing the wrong shades and colors for your skin could potentially create an unnatural or washed-out look.

Luckily, there are some simple tricks that can not only help you determine what your skin tone is, but can also help you choose which of our HD crème palettes is right for you. For example, if you tend to burn more easily, or have pink undertones, a cooler palette will better compliment your fair skin. On the other hand, if you easily tan and rarely burn, or have yellow undertones, then a warm palette is the palette for you.

In addition, the veins on the inside of your wrist can help with this determination. Blue colored veins tend to generate cooler skin tones while greener veins usually indicate a warmer skin tone.

People who have neutral skin tones tend to have neither yellow nor pink undertones, or have both, and for them a neutral palette is the ideal choice.

Palette Uses

All of the colors in our HD crème palettes are grouped together in a way that will best compliment your specific skin tone. Our crème makeup blends flawlessly and creates a smooth finish, making the process of contouring and highlighting much easier to do. And, because our HD pigments are so fine, they only need to be applied in a light layer in order to provide full coverage. That way, your makeup won’t end up looking heavy or caked-on in either natural or artificial light.

In addition to our crème palettes, we also offer HD lip and blush colors that are tailored for each specific skin tone. So, if you’re looking to create that special look, our fully-equipped palettes are a foolproof way to do it effortlessly.