Why choose HD Makeup Over Regular Foundation? 
If you're a makeup artist or often in front of the camera, HD makeup is a must. The formula of Graftobian's HD Creme Makeup makes skin appear smooth and flawless by softening imperfections. This is essential for on screen talent in Television & Film, where High Definition Cameras pick up even the slightest flaw.  HD Foundations are just as effective in real life as they are on screen.  Everyday makeup wearers looking for full, natural looking coverage, will benefit from HD Cremes as well.

The prep work for the makeup artist or consumer is the same: to apply over clean, supple skin. Graftobian's HD Cremes will work with any skin type as long as the skin has been prepped correctly. If the skin is on the drier side, apply moisturizer. If the skin is oily, an anti-shine primer is recommended. Apply the cremes a few minutes after applying moisturizer and they will melt beautifully into the skin. 

All 64 HD Creme shades are fragrance free, silicone free, cruelty free, and packed with a full dose of pigmentation and high quality ingredients and made right here in the USA. A small amount goes a very, very long way.  Available in large size individual creme pots, in 5-color palettes ideal for contouring, and 18 color palettes ideal for makeup artists working on many different skin tones. It's recommended to apply the makeup from a mixing palette instead of directly from the makeup palette as you might take more than you need. Once the makeup has been warmed by the skin, it's very easy to blend and cover dark circles, age spots, and imperfections. Setting the makeup with a High Definition matte finishing powder like our LuxeCashmere Setting Powders ensures the makeup will stay in place all day with a perfect, touchable finish.

Makeup by Kristen Fiori. Model is Maddie Walsh.