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Pro Glitter Jar

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This very fine glitter is perfect for face painting. What a way to add pizzazz to a face painting design.
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This very fine glitter is perfect for face painting, especially if you want to add a bit of pizzazz! Use by sprinkling onto a design while it is still moist or apply by using a No.4 Round brush.

To use: Load the brush with the coloring, dip the brush into the glitter and then paint the coloring and the glitter onto the skin at the same time with a slight rolling motion of the brush. These powdered glitters are also ideal for use in conjunction with our Colored Latex in creating a variety of fantasy designs. When added to our GlitterGlam(tm) Clear Mixing Base, Glitter Powder will give you fabulous eye and lip sparkle for high profile events such as cheer leading competitions. Finally, mixing our Powdered Glitter with Magic Set (tm) Mixing and Lining Liquid creates a quick drying, glittery lining liquid.

1.5 oz Jar

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