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Pressed Powder Blush Compacts

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Rich, pigmented color for gorgeous, healthy looking cheeks.
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With 16 shades to choose from, our selection of blush will add warmth to any skin tone. .18 oz / 5.1 grams. Colors are classified into warm, cool, and neutral temperatures for convenience.  

Also available are our Pressed Powder Blush Palettes, which have 8 colors in each.  Choose from the #30130 palette, which contains all of the cool blush shades, plus the two lightest neutrals; or the #30131 palette, which includes all of the warm shades plus the darkest neutral.  These full-sized 37mm pans, .18 oz. each, have magnetic bottoms and can be placed into our #RM30200-8, 8-well silver palette with mirror.

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