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Monster Makeup Kit

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This boxed makeup kit contains all the professional theatrical makeup needed to create a re-animated movie Monster.
Part Number: 88858
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This boxed makeup kit contains all the professional theatrical makeup needed to create a re-animated movie Monster:
  • A premium creme wheel with 5 cremes;  1 foundation color with 4 detailing or accent shades
  • 1 Black lining pencil
  • Face powder and puff to powder over and set the makeup so it will not smear or rub off
  • Sponge wedges for makeup application
  • 1 Lining & detailing brush
  • Complete step-by-step instructions; the most complete instructions you'll ever find accompanying a Monster makeup kit

A mad scientist’s obsession to imbue life into his dead creation, to challenge the very laws of nature itself! This is the well-known tale  of the Monster! Reanimation was achieved by the stitching together of harvested corpses and the liberal application of electricity, and Graftobian’s Monster Makeup Kit is here to help you bring life to your creation!  This powerful kit is stocked with professional quality makeup that will deliver beautiful effects whether you are getting ready for Hollywood or Halloween!

The elements in this kit will allow for numerous options in the creation of your monster makeup.  The classic film version of the monster is the inspiration for the step-by step instructions provided with this kit. Yet, as you become more comfortable with the products, you can experiment  to recreate more modern versions of the monster popularized by movies, television, and graphic novels. Perhaps, like the mad doctor, you can use your imagination to create your own version of the monster!

Our kits are specially designed to give you all the elements necessary to create a complete makeup from start to finish. In making your monster, you will start with our five-color crème-based makeup wheel. These colors are specially designed to work together to create realistic foundations, highlights, and shadows. The colors are easily applied with the included sponge wedges or brush. Details can be added and enhanced with the included Eye Lining Pencil. Finally, our Translucent Powder applied using the included Puff  “sets” your makeup, allowing it to last for hours. Graftobian Makeup is: “All the Makeup You Will Ever Need,” and our makeup kits prove it, time and again! Now is the time to throw the switch, and scream to the skies, “Its Alive, ALIVE!!

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