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Mini Stix Face Paint - Individual Colors

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The original U.S. Made, Cruelty-Free face paint on-a-stick for kids of all ages, miniature size.
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Disguise Stix Face Paint Makeup is an easy-to-use, non toxic, temporary coloring for skin and hair.  Available in mini and regular sizes. For use, the coloring is dipped briefly in water and applied using brushes, sponges, etc.  After use, the coloring may be easily removed with soap and water.  Each convenient wooden applicator provides enough coloring to cover the average face 5-7 times (at minimum).  Disguise Stix is a mild soap based coloring that dries to the touch and once dry does not rub off or smear.  Also available in dishes.

"Disguise Stix were originally invented by a doctor in Madison, WI in the late 1950s who had the idea to create a temporary hair coloring allowing a person to disguise their grey hair.  When the idea was presented to my professional photographer father, Gratton Coffman, after whom the company is named, he saw the possibilities for face and body painting which was just coming into vogue in the early 60's.  In consultation with a team of cosmetic chemists and other industry professionals, Dad developed a safe, non-toxic formula which could be applied to the skin and hair for face and body painting of any type imaginable.  All the while, he wanted to be sure that the product would wash out easily when the time came.  My brothers and I spent the years of our youth disguising ourselves not only at Halloween, but for school plays, dress-up days, in home theatrical performances, picnics, carnivals, birthday parties, etc.  The traditions continue today with our children and now even with my grandchild.  Literally millions of Disguise Stix(R) have sold to children of all ages across the globe bringing smiles, amusement and amazement to all.  That's the saga of the product we like to refer to as, Fun on a Stick!" - Eric G. Coffman, President, Graftobian Ltd.

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Check the Regular Disguise Stix If Your Color Is Out of Stock
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