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Lipstick Sample Sizes.
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Our Lipsticks are now available in Sample sizes, so you can try the look and feel of this professional formula before buying a full size. These samples include a 1/4 gram of Lipstick, just enough makeup for a single use, and are ideal for color matching.  If you know the item number of the full sized color you are looking for, please note that the sample size is denoted with an "S" in front of its product ID number.


These cream lipsticks 
are smooth and rich.  They glide on for beautiful coverage and have long-lasting, professional wearability. You won't find this level of quality with such a reasonable price anywhere else. 

Color that lasts

One of the benefits of Graftobian’s lipstick is that each lip shade is fully pigmented for rich color payoff. The time-tested formula is unparalleled in its durability and high pigmentation. Each lip color is super long-lasting with a semi-matte finish for professional results. The new beveled edge combined with the full-coverage formula glides on easily and makes a precise application feel second nature.

Makeup artist friendly

The lipstick container itself is lightweight and won’t weigh down a makeup artist’s kit or purse. The view window at the top of each container allows one to quickly glance in and check for the color. Most of the lipsticks at Graftobian are also in lip palette configurations for makeup artists’ convenience.

Find the perfect shade

Graftobian carries top trending colors of lipstick in addition to the most asked for theatrical and shades for professional work. Each shade has been carefully chosen by makeup artists and professionals in the industry.

Have you discovered HD makeup?

These HD lipstick shades, and our stunning collection of HD makeup is specifically formulated for makeup artists and other professionals that want high grade products that will yield beautiful results. Easy to apply and available in a wide range of colors, our HD collection is arranged in palettes designed for warm, cool and neutral skin tones to make finding the colors you need simple, easy, and user friendly. Graftobian HD makeup is ideal whether or not you’re in front of a camera.

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