Before you get Started: Whip out the sanitizer bottle and apply it in front of your client to reassure them you’re taking their health seriously. 

Organization and prep: Keep a few clean towels in your kit and roll one out when setting up your makeup station. Bring a few water bottles in case there isn’t any running water at the location. Always keep Q-tips, spatulas, disposable mascara wands, and disposable lip brushes on hand. 

Tools and Brushes: Keep them clean by washing them with Graftobian’s brush cleaner. Graftobian’s environmentally friendly brush cleaner thoroughly cleans makeup from the fibers of all brush types. The cleaner uses only crisp, clean specially denatured alcohol 40B for its primary active ingredient. Tip: Pour brush cleaner into a small spray bottle. Spray other accessories like tweezers and eyelash curlers and rinse with hot water. 

Cleaning on the go: When you need to clean brushes and you’re on the go or on the job, make sure to keep a Menda Pump Dispenser on hand. It will store 4 oz of brush cleaner and it pools the perfect amount of the cleaner at the top of the pump, while keeping the rest of the cleansing solution free of contaminants. Tip: Keep all clean brushes in a sanitized brush sleeve. Set them aside as you use them so you know they need to be cleaned later. 

Avoid cross-contamination: Get in the habit of working off a stainless steel mixing palette rather than working directly from a foundation palette or bottle. Warm up the product on the mixing palette with the brush or stainless steel spatula before applying to your client. Mix in a bit of moisturizer if your client has dry skin. 

Pour any loose powders into the underside of the lid and work from there. Once you’re done, spray the lid down with your brush cleaner pump and rinse with hot water. 

Cleaning used lining pencils: Spray down with your brush cleaner pump. Sharpen to remove the top layer off. Spray once more. Using a Q-tip sprayed with brush cleaner, clean out the liner’s cap. Allow to air dry.

Cleaning makeup palettes: Don’t forget to lightly mist the surface of UHD Creme Foundations and pressed powders with SDA-40 Alcohol (Graftobian Airbrush Cleansing Fluid is 100% medical grade alcohol) and then let it dry. It’s dye free, and even when using the best practice method of scooping out makeup and working from a stainless steel palette, makeup that has simply been open to the air can be easily sanitized this way at the end of the day as an added level of due diligence to keep you and your clients healthy.