1) Use only the best. By using high quality, hypoallergenic, professional grade makeup, like Graftobian's entire HD line, a makeup artist is outperforming their competitors. There are no gimmicks: no fragrance, no fillers, no silicone; just high quality ingredients with a ton of pigmentation.

2) Be prepared for any skin type. Choose a face primer that works well for oilier skin types, like Anti-Shine, which keeps oils from degrading the makeup. A good HD face primer will give a slight, yet dry tack to the skin and blends the makeup seamlessly into the skin. Dryer skin types will benefit greatly from super-rich formulas like OxyDerm Moisturizer. Regardless, always work with clean, dry skin before applying makeup.

3) Know your clients' undertones. Do you have a lot of foundation bottles rolling around in your current kit? Throw them away! One of Graftobian's best-selling and well-known products is the Super HD Palettes because of their brilliant, convenient undertone system. The Warm, Neutral, and Cool HD Creme foundation palettes are incredibly smooth and were especially formulated for the professional and HD makeup artists. Their compact and convenient configuration replaces all those extra bottles and compacts. If you love these, check out the Super Lip Palette and the Global Corrector Palette.

4) Have a system. Pack your makeup kit in advance based on the kind of work you will be doing. But always come prepared for anything by bringing brush cleaner, extra beauty sponges, wipes, and business cards. Stay organized by storing everything in an extra sturdy and makeup-artist friendly bag like Graftobian's Pro Artist Case by Zuca. The clear vinyl bags are great for keeping items separate from one another and the small pockets on the sides are the perfect size for brush cleaner, wipes, and your business cards. Now you're ready to roll!

5) Keep it simple. Some of the greatest makeup work has been done by using as little product as possible. Accentuate your client's best features by concealing problem areas, like discoloration. The Global Corrector Palette was formulated for concealing and correction everything skin tone. Draw more attention to beautiful eyes by using a nude lipstick or clear lip gloss.

6) Be ready for more. Have you ever had to do makeup on more than one person within a short period of time? Graftobian's best-selling Walk-Around™ Airbrush System is incredible for this. The rechargeable battery pack allows you to work away from an outlet. Plus, each system comes with makeup: the beauty system comes with 15 shades of HD GlamAire™ airbrush (and each shade in this line has an exact HD creme match). Three HD creme palettes are also included. If you're hesitant about airbrush, we totally understand. Airbrush can be a big switch from traditional makeup and brushes, but we have a great video tutorial on how to use the system, and with a little bit of practice, you'll be a pro in no time!