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HD Mixing Medium

Posted by AC on 3/16/2018
HD Mixing Medium
Graftobian's popular new HD Mixing Medium was formulated in response to many makeup artists' needs for transforming or controlling the transparency of their foundation, lipstick, concealer, and creme blushes. Mix a desired amount of the mixing medium with any one of Graftobian's heavilty pigmented cremes for a more sheer, barely there look, which is on trend for spring!  

The mixing medium will be your go-to foundation blending tool for changing the transparency or coverage of foundation color, coverage, texture, and finish. With long-lasting coverage, the mixing medium doesn't require any touching up and it's perfect for photography, bridal makeup, and film. 

How to use this product:

--As a base to custom blend in other HD Glamour Creme colors for sheer or transparent coverage
--As a foundation thinner for creating translucent washes of color, which is important for men's grooming makeup
--To thin out the pigmentation of lip colors, concealers, or cream blushes
--Can be used as a lip balm or brow/hair promade
--Use it as a blending base to add eye shadow shades or loose glitter

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