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HD Matte Eyeshadow Palette - Earth

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With four new shadow palettes incorporating 19 new colors, the possibilities for artistic effects are boundless!
Part Number: 30531
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Graftobian now offers three matte shadow palettes: an elegant set of neutral winter colors to create the classic smokey eye, a natural set of fall colors for that down-to earth look, and a bright set of vibrant and lively spring colors. The possibilities for artistic effects and expression are boundless!

This palette includes:

-Lightest Lavender #29145
-Light Orchid #29146
-Soft Rose #29139
-Apricot #29137
-Sandstone #29147
-Olivine #29148
-Green Earth #29149
-Rare Earth #29150

About these eye shadows:
Graftobian eye shadows are made in the USA! Our Ultrasilk Matte Eye Shadows are formulated for comfort and durability while yielding a matte, non-reflective finish. These palettes are depot friendly. Small holes on the back of the palette allow for removal of each eye shadow pan. Refill pans available here.

Size: 4'' X 6.25'' X 1/2''
Each shadow: 0.18 oz. / 5.1 g

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