How Models and Actors Look Great Even in High Definition

High-definition film, television, and photography have up to five times the resolution of its standard-definition counterparts. This is the inspiration behind HD makeup. Every blemish, wrinkle, or crease will be picked up with an HD camera. Unnatural, thick, pancake makeup is not the right choice when standing in front of an HD lens.

Most of us are not movie stars, but that doesn't mean HD makeup isn't for you! In today's tech-savvy world, most events are full of HD photography. Using our HD makeup, you can be sure you will look your best when it matters most! We want to help you make high-definition makeup part of your routine.

What exactly is HD Makeup?

Because it is sheerer than traditional makeup, HD makeup is superior at hiding flaws. It can hide uneven skin tone/texture without appearing cakey. The skin can be seen through this type of makeup, but its focus is much softer.

Our high-definition line includes creme and airbrush makeup, pressed and loose powders, pencils and lipsticks. All of these can be used to camouflage any imperfections, all while appearing invisible. The formulas, and pigments, that we use are designed specifically to blend with any skin type, seamlessly.

HD makeup features incredible, light-scattering components, such as reflective particles, that make foundation more flattering. The diffusion of light will create an even finish that makes any underlying flaws virtually undetectable.

Powders are milled to the finest consistency, which helps deter detection by HD cameras. In addition, the micronized texture of mineral pigments will not settle into pores.

Our HD line, as well as our compatible skin care line, are excellent for keeping your skin properly moisturized. Traditional makeup settles into the creases, and cracks, of dry skin, but HD makeup increases hydration, and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

Why Choose HD Makeup?

It is vital to make the switch to high-definition makeup if you are ever in front of a camera. These formulas make skin appear smooth, and uniform, by softening any imperfections.

While other cosmetics on the market today feature wrinkle-concealing, or light-reflecting components, they will not achieve the same flawless look that you get from our HD makeup solutions.

Begin with a concealer, or foundation, that is specifically designed for use with HD cameras. This is usually where you will see the greatest impact. If you are concerned about the appearance of your skin for important photos —weddings, for example— HD foundation is the perfect choice to help you look your best.

All of our products are made right here in the USA, which allows us to provide the finest HD makeup solutions, at the most affordable prices. We have a wide range of quality products that will make you so beautiful, people will believe you are a celebrity!