Graftobian's cream lipsticks are smooth and rich. They glide on for beautiful coverage and have long-lasting, professional wearability. Forget the trendy here today, gone tomorrow variations of lipsticks that you may find throughout the makeup industry. These HD lipsticks are here to stay and are everything you are looking for in a go-to lipstick. 
One of the benefits of this lipstick is the long-lasting color. The time-tested formula is unparalleled with in its durability and high pigmentation. With its semi-matte finish, these HD lipsticks deliver professional results.
The lipstick container itself is lightweight and won't weigh down a makeup artist's kit or purse. The view window at the top of the cap allows one to quickly glance in and check for the color. Most of Graftobian's lipsticks are also in lip palette forms for the makeup artist's convenience.