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Graftobian Spirit Gum

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Spirit Gum is the classic theatrical adhesive - ideal for temporarily attaching a variety of makeup accessories to the skin.
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Spirit Gum, a natural product that's kept in solution with alcohol, is the classic theatrical adhesive. Used for decades by theater and film actors to attach prosthetic pieces to the skin as well as lace hair pieces and crepe wool applications, etc.  Spirit gum is also widely used as the ideal adhesive for Cosplayers, be it foam latex appliances or Steam Punk widgets and gears. Our formulation is second to none, with superior adhesion and durability compared to other brands.

To use: Make-up artists will pour out a portion of Spirit Gum into a small dish or cup to allow the Gum to "breathe" a bit. This will reduce the time you wait for the Spirit Gum to be tacky enough for you to adhere your item. 

For safety, keep out of eyes and be sure to remove gently with our Spirit Gum Remover.

To remove: Apply the Spirit Gum Remover with a cotton swab or a #10 brush or larger, to allow plenty of the Graftobian Spirit Gum Remover to soak into the Spirit Gummed area, loosening the attached item gently and allowing for easy removal without irritation of the skin.

If you have known skin sensitivities, avoid using this product. We recommend testing a small dot of spirit gum on the back of your hand to check for any sensitivity to spirit gum. As with any adhesive or makeup item, should any discomfort or pain occur, discontinue use, clean area with appropriate remover and seek an alternative method of achieving the desired visual result.  

Shipping Note: Item contains alcohol.  For the most economical rate, please select ground shipping when you checkout.

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