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Sample Sizes: Try out tester sizes of the Graftobian Skin Care Line.
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Our Professional Skin Care Products are now available in Sample sizes, so you can try them before you buy the full sized product. These samples each include 1 gram of Skin Care Product, just enough for a single use to experience the properties and benefits of each skin care item.  If you know the item number of the full sized product you are looking for, please note that the sample size is denoted with an "S" in front of its product ID number.

Note: Sample includes amount of product shown on spatula in product image, full sized product is also shown for reference purposes only.


OxyDerm provides the skin with vital energy to keep it young and healthy-looking.  It contains several exciting ingredients to refine your skin, improve texture, clarity and tone, reduce puffiness and improve the overall radiance of your skin. 

To use: Gently massage into face and neck morning and evening to help deeply moisturize and firm the skin. 

"When you feel this oxygen cream on your face you will feel truly transported as your skin will be soothed and softened without any greasy film or residue. This is an absolutely first rate product."
 - Eric G. Coffman, President, Graftobian Makeup Co. 


For F/X makeup wearers who heavily overuse and over stress their skin. If your skin is required to be abused due to several quick change makeups, too rapid removal of prosthetics, etc., replenish lost oils and soften your skin with DermaCare Recovery Balm.  By utilizing the unlocked secrets of royal jelly in conjunction with our wellness blend of minerals and aloe, it restores what overuse of makeup can take away from your skin.

To use: Typically used as a night cream, DermaCare can also be used for those suffering from sun burns or chapped skin and heels. 

Anti-Shine HD Foundation Primer:

The perfect HD makeup foundation primer, especially helpful for the oiliest of skin types. Foundation primers do two things: first, they prepare the skin with a light barrier that keeps oils from degrading the makeup for several additional hours. Second, a good HD primer will give a slight, yet dry tack to the skin, that will bond to both the skin on one side and to the makeup on the other.

To use: Apply this primer sparingly to a clean, dry face just prior to the application of Graftobian HD Cremes or Graftobian HD GlamAire(tm) Airbrush makeup.

We've met makeup artists who swear by a good primer and we've met those who refuse to use one, saying they are unnecessary, so long as you're using a good quality HD makeup such as those manufactured by Graftobian. If you're in the former camp, then THIS is your primer! Made for Graftobian by Nurturing Force, this primer was highly recommended to us by Suzanne Patterson and is quickly becoming a serious player in the cosmetic world. Even with the use of Graftobian HD makeups, Suzanne will say some skin types still need proper preparation to ensure a long-lasting makeup.  Brides, film actors, TV anchors, etc., all benefit from primers.

Aloevation Toning/Smoothing Veil

An innovative smoothing cream to instantly and visually diffuse lines and wrinkles. 

To use: Use in the morning following moisturizer.  Apply to face and neck, blending downwards.  Allow to dry prior to makeup application.

Inside the formula: Contains our proprietary natural stone and aloe complex for long-term benefits in the reduction of facial lines and in dermal hydration for a younger-looking skin. 

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