Graftobian has a number of bloods to choose from.  Choosing one may seem rather daunting, but behold the choices; we have several options for various bloody occasions.

Stage Blood

This blood is a bright red, water-based product that looks exactly like fresh spurting blood! When you or another needs to simulate the act of recently being shot or wounded, Stage Blood will be your go-to blood.

Tip: Water this blood down for special squirting effects. Toothbrushes sure come in handy!

Stage Blood is available in six sizes.

Blood Gel

Blood Gel is a deep red, glycerine-based blood that never dries! This stuff drips very slowly. Let's say you want to keep that blood-oozing effect last for hours--this Blood Gel will do the trick.

Wash it blood off only when you're ready--use soap and water.

Blood Gel is available in three sizes.

Blood Paste

Blood Paste is a firm, deep red blood that you can smear into a wound or gash. It won't move and stays wet looking.

Tip: Apply to wide areas with a stipple sponge for a splattered effect.

Blood Paste washes off only when the night is over--use soap and water.

Blood Paste is available in two sizes.

Magic Blood Powder™ 

Magic Blood Powder™ is a water-activated powder. When it's dusted onto the skin, it appears invisible, but it when comes into contact with water, it immediately looks like road rash, a bloody cut, an arc spray of blood.

Tip: A few tablespoons to a gallon of water will yield a very economical splashing blood.  Effects made with Magic Blood Powder™ wash off with soap and water. Almost like the incident never even happened...

Magic Blood Powder™ is available in two sizes.

F/X Gelatin™

F/X Gelatin™ is used to create the look of burned skin, a mangled face, or a bloody gash that just won't heal. This is the "heat and serve" of gore makeup.

Heat the bottle in a hot water bath for a few minutes until the gelatin is fluid. Test the temperature of it on your wrist to make sure it's not too hot. We strongly recommend AGAINST microwaving or boiling F/X Gelatin™.

Tip: Apply one color or mix to create your custom gore effect. Make sure it has cooled. It will stay in place and remain flexible. Add any of our blood products or F/X Blood Powder if so desired. Peel the gelatin off to remove.