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GlitterGlam and Luster Gift Set

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Part Number: GIFTSET042
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Create some stunning looks with this wintry sparkling set of GlitterGlam and Luster Creme. White Opal Luster Creme can be used as an eye shadow base, highlighter, or body shimmer.  GlitterGlam in Opal Flash and Sapphire Sky are gorgeous shades to wear alone or on top of the Luster Creme. 

GlitterGlam is a super durable glitter product for use on lips, above the eyes, or any other skin area.  This water-based, non-alcoholic formula is safe for use on all skin areas. Since it is a water-based product, it does take a minute or two to dry, but once dry, it is very, very durable and very, very impacting.

Normal Price: $27 Value Set Price: $19

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