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GlamAire™ HD AirBrush Makeup - 1 oz. Bottle - Holiday Sale

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SALE: $15 (Reg Price $20)
HOLIDAY SALE: 25% OFF. ENDS 12/31/19.
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GlamAire™ Starter Package Discount: Get 12 bottles of GlamAire™ for the price of 9 bottles (Save $60.00).  Promotion activates automatically when you add 12 bottles to your cart.

GlamAire™ HD Airbrush Makeup 1 oz. / 35 ml  Professional Make-up Artist Shades

Each shade of our GlamAire HD airbrush makeup is also available in our HD Glamour Creme Foundation. This allows artists to use both media on the same client when necessary without having to try to match shades manually. (Incidentally, we use this same cross platform idea with the combination of our alcohol-based F/X Aire airbrush make-up and our Rubber Mask Grease shades.)

The MAC, RCMA, Cinema Secrets, Visora or Black Opal equivalent to each color is given. M stands for MAC, R for RCMA, C for Cinema Secrets, V for Visora, B for Black Opal. {For instance the color "Pecan" Appears as: "Pecan, Eq: B:Hazel Nut", which is short for "Pecan, Equivalent: Black Opal:Hazel Nut"} No more than one equivalent color is listed per Graftobian color.

Shades are separated into [W] Warm, [C] Cool, & [N] Neutral classifications for your convenience (Thanks to Suzanne Patterson). The color chart generally flows from lightest to darkest within each classification.

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