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Free Blood & Gutz Set with Purchase

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Free with Purchase
Part Number: 89585+89591+89592+89593
Availability: In Stock
Get a Free Blood & Gutz Set with purchase!

Each Blood and Guts Set comes with Four 4CC Gel Packs: Blood Gel, Zombie Guts Green, Zombie Guts Black, and Zombie Guts White.


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  • Limit 1 per customer
  • Limited Time Offer - Ends 10/31/2020 or While Supplies Last


Zombies are all the rage today, and our ZombieGutz™ colors of Belched Black (#89591), Gack Green (#89592) and Putrid Pus (#89593) offer the Zombie making artist all the colors needed to mix and match for ghastly effects.  This glycerine based product drips slowly and never dries, allowing a wet looking effect for literally days and days.  Our ZombieGutz™ are also used in mass casualty simulation to depict burns, decay and gangrenous effects.  Currently available in 4cc pillow packs either separately or in mixed 144 count bins we call a Bucket O' ZombieGutz. 

These ZombieGutz™ are the same type of formulation we use for our Blood Gel product, so you may add that fourth color when mixing to create your ghoulish looks.

Blood Gel Packs

These fabulous little Blood Gels are packed in single 4cc packs for easy and inexpensive distribution among your bloody little friends. Buy them individually or in our convenient 144-count Bucket 'O Blood.

  • Graftobian Blood Gel is syrupy with the consistency of thick honey
  • Blood Gel is a realistic deep red color for Special FX realism
  • Slowly drips and never dries
  • Maintains a wet look to give the illusion of a new cut, scrape, or tear injury
  • Made in the U.S.A.!

Graftobian Blood Gel ideal special fx blood for any cut, broken nose, scrape, or head wound.  Blood Gel is the ideal fake blood for when you want the blood looking fresh - like the injury just occurred!  Used by special fx artists, theaters, costumers, and party goers alike for over 20 years!  Made and poured right here in the U.S.A. only from the highest quality ingredients, never made overseas like most other fake-blood brands. This 1 ounce bottle is enough for multiple applications.  For fake blood that dries and crusts up like real blood, check out our Stage Blood.

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