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F/X Aire™ Primary Shades Gift Set

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These five bold colors give the face and body artist everything he or she needs to help their unique vision come to life. Value set includes 5 F/X Colors: White, Black, Red, Neon Yellow, Blue, and a gift box. 

F/X Aire™ is simply the finest, smoothest, most trouble free, alcohol-based airbrush makeup formulation available.  If you have to crank your airbrush pressure up to 25 psi just to get your paint to go through your gun, you're using the wrong product!  Graftobian F/X Aire™ requires only 6-8 psi to spray on smoothly and beautifully without flaw.  F/X Aire™ is the best soap and water washable airbrush makeup on the market today!!  Our super durable formula, available in 62 shades, is ideal for face and body artistry that needs to last 12-14 hours.  When the day is done, F/X Aire™ can be removed easily with soap, water, and washcloth.

Normal Price: $125  Value Set Price: $99.99

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