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Dish of Disguise Stix Face Paint, 1/4 oz.

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Now, our world famous DISGUISE STIX Face Painting Make-Up is also available in a dish. Review the dish color selection shown and stock up now for your next Face Painting event. Remember, our face paint does not stain and washes out of all fabrics easily with just ordinary bar soap and water.
Availability: Check the Regular Disguise Stix If Your Color Is Out of Stock

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Our world famous Disguise Stix Face Painting Makeup, now available in dishes in these 12 select colors.  Easy to use, and easy to clean. The ideal face paint for Kids of all ages! Stock up now for your next face painting event.

Disguise Stix Face Paint is an easy to use, very affordable, non-toxic temporary coloring for skin and hair. 
This simple, soap-based coloring is as gentle on the skin as mild soap. Once dry, Disguise Stix does not rub off or smear.  When finished, Disguise Stix face paint can easily be removed with ordinary soap and water.

How to use our water-activated face paints:

Disguise Stix and Disguise Stix Dishes are a water-activated face paint.  To use, wet a brush with a little bit of water and mix the water into the dish.  Make sure to mix the water on your brush into the paint completely. This activates the face paint and creates a smooth creamy consistency.  Just like with other water-colors, the amount of water you use changes how opaque the face paint appears on the skin.  Use less water for a more solid / opaque color, use more water for a translucent / less opaque color.  

Each dish contains approximately 0.25 oz. of face paint.

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