Every year for the month of October, Graftobian hosts a Halloween contest. First, second, and third place winners are chosen by early November. 

The Graftobian Team was blown away by the number of submissions and the incredible level of artistry and skill that were used. Never give up on your talent. Never give up on your dreams. 

This year's first place winner was chosen based on originality, color, skill level, Graftobian products that were used, and photo quality. 

1st Place: Jessica A.M. Kalil @gorejessfx
"I wanted to portray a frozen skull breaking off into the glam side to show that beauty is temporary." --Jessica
Jessica used Graftobian's ProPaints in White Swan, Catalina Blue, Raven Black, and Baby Blue. 

2nd Place: @hello.venus_

3rd Place: @WickedMakeupBoston