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Classic Chaos Clown Makeup Kit

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Part Number: 40146
Availability: In stock
NEW - Just in time for Halloween, this Classic Chaos Clown Makeup Kit is for an old school villain with a sick sense of humor. This Clown is one person you don't want to run into. While most clowns are meant to make people smile and laugh, this one will make you laugh until you croak!  You'll find everything you need in this kit to create the perfect criminal clown for Halloween and Cosplay.  

This makeup kit includes:
  • Full Sized White Theatrical Creme Foundation
  • Mini Theatrical Creme Foundations in Green and Red
  • 1/4 oz. translucent face powder
  • Powder puff
  • Mini Black lining pencil 
  • Disguise Stix hair coloring in Irish Green 
  • Full length brush for details
  • Complete step by step instructions

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