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Blood Sampler Set

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The perfect way to try each of Graftobian's fake bloods. This set includes Blood Gel, Stage Blood, Blood Paste, and Magic Blood Powder. 

Blood Gel: This blood product is syrup-based with the consistency of thick honey.

Stage Blood:
Stage Blood is a mostly opaque, water-based, realistic slit-wrist red blood product that is the same viscosity as real blood.  It even dries and crusts up brownish like real blood. 

Blood Paste:
Blood Paste is the same color as the Blood Gel but is a thick paste which allows one to trowel it into wounds and give a coagulated blood effect that generally will not move. 

Magic Blood Powder:
A water-activated powder that when applied is invisible, but when sprayed with water looks like the result of a motor cycle accident. Drag a wet knife across powdered skin for a bloody cutting effect.

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