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Bald Cap Kit Complete With Makeup and Instructions

Bald Cap Kit Complete With Makeup and Instructions

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This complete bald cap makeup kit includes a regular sized Latex Bald Cap as well as all the makeup products you will need to attach, color and remove your bald cap as well as 16 step, full color instructions to ease you through the process so you can achieve professional results. This kit makes one of the trickier makeup applications into something almost anyone can do and be happy with the results. You won't be wanting for some makeup item or group of items to do the job right, it's all here!

This complete kit includes:
  • Regular-sized Latex Bald Cap 
  • Spirit gum adhesive
  • Spirit gum remover
  • Face powder
  • Liquid latex
  • 5 rubber mask greases
  • Red rubber round wedge
  • 16 step, full-color instructions 

Hair today, gone tomorrow! Whether by old age, some nefarious chemical accident, shaving, or just being follicly challenged, for centuries heroes and villains alike have sported a hairless pate. Off the top of our heads, it sounds like we are talking Bald Caps! Whether playing the wealthy patron of a red-headed orphan girl, the sinister villain from a comic book, or even some form of alien or artificial life form, Graftobian’s Complete Bald Cap Kit is here to help you "de-tangle" your new look!  This fantastic kit is stocked with professional quality makeup that will deliver stunning effects whether you are getting ready for Hollywood or Halloween!

The products included in this kit will allow for a numerous choices in the creation of your bald cap makeup.  Recreating a realistic bald look, or simply covering the hair as part of a more involved fantasy or sci-fi look, is easy with the step-by-step instructions provided with this kit. As you become more comfortable with the components, you can easily recreate different bald looks that draw their inspiration from movies, television, graphic novels or your own imagination!

Our kits are specially designed to give you all the items necessary to create a complete makeup from start to finish. In making your bald cap look, you will start with our Latex Bald Cap. Using the included Eyeliner Pencil you can mark the cap so that it can be trimmed to fit.  Once trimmed, the cap can be secured in place with our Spirit Gum. Liquid Latex can be applied to help blend the edges seamlessly to the skin.  Next is our six-color crème-based makeup wheel. These colors are specially designed to work together to create realistic foundations, highlights, and shadows. The colors are easily applied with the included sponge wedges or brush. Follow this up with our translucent powder applied using the included puff. The powder “sets” your makeup, allowing it to last for hours. Graftobian Makeup is: “All the Makeup You Will Ever Need,” and our makeup kits prove it, time and again! If things are getting hairy, now is the time to smooth the way with a Bald Cap!

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