At Graftobian Make-Up Company, we are continuously developing new products to meet the demand of our customers. Since more professionals and individuals alike are actively seeking out HD makeup, we decided to add our own setting powders into our makeup line.

Like all setting powders, our HD Luxe Cashmere setting powders provide a wide range of different benefits. All of our powders are naturally mattifying, which helps reduce any oily shine that typically forms on the T-zone of your face, the bridge of your nose, or your chin. They are especially beneficial for women with oily skin, because their mattifying effect helps eliminate the need to constantly blot away shiny, oil affected areas throughout the day.

The Difference

While most professional setting powders offer a fine ingredient base, we go a step further at Graftobian Make-Up. All of our HD Luxe Cashmere setting powders are made from ultra-fine ingredients. Only a very small amount of ultra-fine powder is needed—not just to create a matte, shine-free finish, but to also stop your foundation from looking heavy, caked-on, or cracked.

The powder works by lightly settling onto the surface of the skin in a silky, transparent layer. Because the powder is so sheer, it doesn't add any weight and is impossible to detect, producing smooth, silky and natural-looking skin.

Options to Consider

Our HD Luxe Cashmere setting powders are available in a variety of different colors and formulas to suit different skin tones and skin problems. The darkest of our setting powders is called Chocolate Mousse. Unlike lighter setting powders, it won’t create a ghostly look when used in combination with darker foundation.

On the other hand, for those with either lighter or medium skin tones, we recommend our French Silk setting powder, depending on the individual and the foundation color selected.

For individuals that fall into the mid-tone range (between medium-dark and light brown), the best option is our Pecan Pie setting powder However, if you’re looking for a more neutral colored powder, we recommend Coconut Cream. It can be used with any skin tone and will never cause a foundation color to look dull or flat.

Finally, for anyone who deals with redness or breakouts, our Banana Cream Pie setting powder is the perfect option. It neutralizes any red areas and leaves behind nothing but healthy, glowing skin.

Whether you select French Silk, Banana Cream Pie, Coconut Cream, or Chocolate Mousse, our high-quality setting powders are guaranteed to compliment your skin and leave you both feeling and looking terrific.