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January 2019

2019-20 Graftobian Catalog Announcement Newsletter

Dear Friends,

It's here! We are thrilled to introduce to you Graftobian's 2019-2020 catalog, featuring stunning work by some of our favorite makeup artists, more tips and tricks on best-selling as well as new products, updated pricing, and exciting NEW products we’ve added to our line. Check out the fabulous new Inclusion Super Palette on page 13, a foundation / corrector / contour palette designed by DeShawn Hatcher with a unique range of shades for makeup artists working on people of color. We’ve added corrector shades to our popular ProPowder™ Foundation line (page 18) AND to our GlamAire™ Airbrush line (page 37).   Look to page 38 for the new Corrector Light Glamaire™ Sampler Pack as well as four new Glamaire™ Airbrush Starter sets.  We're also excited to introduce to you the highly requested F/X Aire™ Alcohol palettes, found on page 84.

We hope you enjoy the catalog! Here is to a fantastic 2019 full of promise and possibility!

New Products to be released by the end of the first quarter 2019:

Page 13:               New HD Glamour Crème Inclusion Collection Super Palette

Page 18:               New HD Pro Powder Corrector Shades

Page 37:               New GlamAire™ Airbrush Corrector Shades

Page 38:               New Glamaire™ Airbrush Corrector Starter Sets

Page 82-83:         New F/X Gelatin™

Page 84:               New F/X Aire™ Alcohol Palettes

Page 91-92:         New Omnia Pro Brushes

Page 96:               New Stainless Steel Spatulas

Best Wishes in this New Year,

Graftobian Make-Up Company

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