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6 Tips to Bagging the Perfect Halloween Makeup Kits

Posted by on 10/15/2016
Halloween is one of the best times of the year. Few holidays offer you the chance to play dress up as your favorite vampire, witch or member of the undead. One of the most important things on your list should be your makeup! Great Halloween Makeup kits can help you achieve the look and vibe you want-blood, scratches and all. Read on for some tips on choosing one:

Graftobian Bloods

Posted by AH on 9/24/2016 to When to use...blood
Graftobian has a number of bloods to choose from.  Choosing one may seem rather daunting, but behold the choices; we have several options for various bloody occasions.

Applying Special FX Makeup: Tips for Beginners

Posted by on 9/20/2016
While hiring a professional FX makeup artist is always a great way to get the perfect look for a play, performance, street art exhibit, or even for Halloween, it is also a lot of fun to do your own special FX makeup.

Tips for Using ProPaint Face and Body Paint

Posted by on 9/12/2016 to When to use...face and body painting
Although many of our clients at Graftobian are professional makeup artists and special effects artists, we also sell to the general public. Our ProPaint Face and Body Paint collection is perfect for anyone who is interested in makeup for the theater, for special events, or for amazing Halloween costumes.

An Introduction to HD Luxe Cashmere Setting Powders

Posted by on 9/9/2016
At Graftobian Make-Up Company, we are continuously developing new products to meet the demand of our customers. Our HD Luxe Cashmere setting powders are available in a variety of different colors and formulas to suit different skin tones and skin problems.

Use High Quality Makeup Manufactured by the Experts in the United States

Posted by on 9/2/2016
Use High Quality Makeup Manufactured by the Experts in the United States

Tips for Using HD Crème Palettes

Posted by on 8/25/2016
At Graftobian Make-Up Company we offer a top selection of HD crème palettes for both makeup professionals and for individual use. The palettes are carefully designed to create multiple color profiles that compliment any skin tone.

HD Makeup Not Celebrity Exclusive

Posted by on 7/25/2016
High-definition film, television, and photography have up to five times the resolution of its standard-definition counterparts. This is the inspiration behind HD makeup. Every blemish, wrinkle, or crease will be picked up with an HD camera.