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Walk-Around™ System Airbrush Makeup Kit

Walk-Around™ System Airbrush Makeup Kit

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BLACK HD Glamour Kit [20045GA-BK] [+$299.00]
HOT PINK HD Glamour Kit [20045GA-PK] [+$299.00]
LEOPARD HD Glamour Kit [20045GA-LP] [+$299.00]
MIDNIGHT BLUE HD Glamour Kit [20045GA-MB] [+$299.00]
BLACK F/X Aire™ Kit [20045FX-BK] [+$299.00]
HOT PINK F/X Aire™ Kit [20045FX-PG] [+$299.00]
LEOPARD F/X Aire™ Kit [20045FX-LP] [+$299.00]
MIDNIGHT BLUE F/X Aire™ Kit [20045FX-MB] [+$299.00]
BLACK Student/Character Kit [20045FXC] [+$339.00]
HOT PINK Student/Character Kit [20045FXC-PG] [+$339.00]
LEOPARD Student/Character Kit [20045FXC-LP] [+$339.00]
MIDNIGHT BLUE Student/Character Kit [20045FXC-MB] [+$339.00]
Our Walk-Around™ System airbrush makeup kits are designed to be fully portable so you don't have to be tethered to an electrical outlet to perform your art.  You can work a line of clients while they are waiting for an attraction.  You can scoot onto a TV or Film set for a quick touch-up without having to take your talent back to the makeup trailer.  You can be out in the middle of a field working a carnival for hours spraying designs through stencils on children of all ages without needing any electricity.  All these are examples of the power of the Walk-Around™ airbrush makeup kit by Graftobian. (See more info. at "Hints and Tips")

All Walk-Around™ Systems Include:
-Fully portable (110v. and 220v. compatible compressor)
-Rechargeable and detachable battery pack
-Graftobian SA35 - single action airbrush
-Adjustable 3-26 psi using bleeder valve control
-6' super flexible silicone rubber hose
-A/C and DC power cords
-International plug ends included (EU, UK, AUS)
-Cleansing fluid with spray cap
-Airbrush Cleaning Kit
-Instructional DVD (#30050 "HD Makeup 101") or (#20100 F/X Aire Face and Body Art DVD)

Choose from 3 different airbrush makeup kits, in 4 exciting colors:

  • The 20045GA  Glamour System is a complete Walk-Around™ airbrush beauty makeup kit. Choose from our Glossy Hot Pink system(20045GA-PK), our Glossy Leopard system(20045GA-LP), our Glossy Black(20045GA-BK) system, or the Glossy Midnight Black(20045GA-MB) system. This #20045GA kit includes all three GlamAire™ Sampler Packs; the #30910 Warm, #30911 Neutral, and #30912 Cool GlamAire HD Creme Sampler Packs, are three of our most popular 5-well creme palettes with matching HD airbrush colors. These are a great introduction to both our HD Airbrush and HD Creme Make-up. Warm#2(from the middle of our yellow undertone range), Cool#1(from the lightest of our pink undertone range) and Neutral#3(from the darkest of our neutral undertone range). A total of 15 colors in both HD Creme and HD Airbrush, this cross platform concept first devised by Hollywood make-up artist Brad Look allows the artist to use both our Graftobian HD Creme and our Graftobian HD GlamAire airbrush makeup in exactly the same shade on the same client if so desired.

  • The 20045FX Walk-Around™ F/X Aire System includes five colors (white, black, red, blue, neon yellow) of our alcohol-based F/X Aire™ Airbrush Make-up for Face and Body Art and Special Effects work.  Choose from our Glossy Hot Pink system(20045FX-PK), our Glossy Leopard system(20045FX-LP), our Glossy Black system(20045FX-BK), or the Glossy Midnight Blue System(20045FX-MB).

  • The 20045FXC Walk-Around Student/Character System includes six theatrical skin tone colors (White, Ebony, Natural Tan, Warm Honey, Dark Bronze, Light Olive) of F/X Aire™, an 8 oz. Cleaning Fluid, and a 2 oz. Setting Spray.  Choose from our Glossy Hot Pink system(20045FXC-PK), our Glossy Leopard system(20045FXC-LP), our Glossy Black(20045FXC-BK) system, or the Glossy Midnight Blue System(20045FXC-MB).

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Shipping Note: Item contains alcohol.  For the most economical rate, please select ground shipping when you checkout.

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