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International Customers

If you live outside the US and are unable to complete your order on this website, please email and we will refer you to the Graftobian distributor for your country.

In many countries of the world, Graftobian has fantastic distributing partners who will happily keep you supplied with our products.  If your country has an exclusive Graftobian distributor, they will be your direct source, and we will be unable to complete your order on this website.  To be connected directly to your local distributor, send an email to with a request for your local distributor's contact information.

Note: If you are ordering with an international credit card or placing an order that ships outside the United States we ask that your shipping address matches the billing address on file with your credit card company.  We reserve the right to cancel any orders that do not meet this guideline. The pricing on our website is in USD and is intended for sales within the United States.  Please expect any referral to one of our international distributors to ultimately be priced according to that country’s pricing levels, policies, and local currency. 

Attention to Customers using Trans-shippers / Mailbox & Freight Forwarders

If you prefer to use a trans-shipper, first check to see if our checkout page will allow you to enter the name of the country you live in into the shipping address.  If you receive an error message, then we do not ship to that country, and you will need to be referred to a distributor near you using the email listed above.

If your order is addressed to a Trans-shipper or Mailbox Forwarder / Freight forwarder and we believe it will eventually be shipped to a country with a Graftobian distributor, we will be unable to complete your order.  We will cancel your order, refund your credit card, and message you with the contact information of your local dealer/distributor.  We can also have your local dealer/distributor contact you if you desire.  


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